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As a response to the disproportionate number of young People of Color impacted by relationship abuse and sexual violence, we partnered with the UofSC School of Social Work to create The Buzzpak Curriculum in 2019.

This evidence-informed, culturally-specific program provides change-based solutions by empowering young people to be change agents in their communities, and it provides tools for developing and maintaining healthy relationships.


Curriculum Objectives

  •  Enhance Parent and Child Communication

  •  Increase awareness and knowledge of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships

  •  Reinforce autonomy


Program Model

  • Free of charge

  • Five weeks, 50 minutes per learning module

  • Learning Modules include the utilization of media literacy, team building, and hands-on exercises 

  • Can be provided in-person or virtually via Zoom

  • Consists of trained facilitators

  • Small, cohort model

  • Co-ed and gender inclusive

  • Can include 2 Parent Learning Modules (optional)

  • Includes snacks (in-person)


Previous BuzzPak Sites

  • Epworth Children’s Home

  • Palmetto Children and Youth Services

  • Columbia Urban League

  • Trinity Baptist Church

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