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Like many victims and survivors of sexual assault, I kept quiet; until I could no longer. This organization is such a great blessing to those who are involved in all capacities. Having a place to go where you will not be scrutinized and can feel comfortable has no price tag.

Ashley has made sure to create a platform and support system where anyone can feel welcome. While I can't give of my time due to distance, I want to give financially in order to see the organization continue to grow. No two stories are alike, nor is one story more tragic than the next. A personal violation is just that, a violation. People are never the same no matter what. The Hive offers a community of fellowship, recovery and growth.

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 - Bee the One Investor & Peer to Peer Fundraiser



The service and care we provide to survivors and the community would not be possible without our donors, affectionately known as Keepers of The Hive. Our Keepers of The Hive impact survivors and the community in various ways. As a Keeper of The Hive you can choose to invest directly in a campaign such as Bee the One, which assists us in creating a safe place for survivors to receive the support they need to heal and thrive, you may also give directly to a program of interest, or give by creating your very own Peer to Peer Campaign. To learn more about investment and giving opportunities email our Executive Director at or submit an inquiry form.



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Just almost a year ago, Jennifer came into contact with The Hive. For 10 years, she had lived her life in abusive relationships and could no longer bear alone the weight of trauma inflicted upon the life of her and her children. When we met, Jennifer knew she needed support but didn't have the answers or know where to start. Her days were filled with frustration, fear, the anxiety of now being a single parent, as well as having to secure a new home and job to support her family. There was little time for Jennifer to think about herself or her desires and aspirations. 

However, thanks to support from donors like you, we were able to assists Jennifer via Queens Gather and through our holistic support services that led to a new career and mindset, mental and emotional stability, and her greatest accomplishment to date purchasing a home to raise her children! Today, Jennifer views The Hive as "being an instrument used by God to restore her life from ashes to beauty."

Like Jennifer, our Hive volunteers and I understand the impact that trauma from sexual and intimate partner violence can cause, but more importantly as survivors we know the strength and tenacity rooted in survivors to Overcome and Thrive. No matter where one may be on their journey, they can find the hope, support, and understanding to press forward- because you see The Hive as invaluable.

Jennifer is just one of the success stories our donors made possible - in less than a year. We are excited that Jennifer is now transitioning to a Hive Volunteer and will provide interpretation services for spanish-speaking survivors.


Gloria has been a member of The Hive for two years, and when faced with a difficult life decision, she was relieved to learn that there was an opportunity awaiting to support her safety and stability. You may recall us sharing in a previous newsletter our partnership with Panera Bread to provide job opportunities and workforce development to the women we serve in need of employment. Gloria became one the first members of The Hive to benefit from the partnership and she continues to excel with the business. In just five months, she has been promoted to a Shift Manager and enrolled in school to become a nurse. When asked what she would like to share with fellow survivors, "Keepers of The Hive", and  Panera who made this possible she said the following:


“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one. To Panera Bread and all the donors who made this opportunity possible for me. Thank you so much for allowing me to experience and join a nation wide franchise. Thank you for the chance to show my talents in management and in an amazing environment. The way you work, makes you realize that sooner you will be able to reach heights off success you didn’t think was even possible. No matter how strong the competition may be you have to be a person of ambition and be the person you’re meant to. Stand out and shine as the spark you are, and remember hard work pays off".


-Gloria Tate

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