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Give the Gift of
Safety and Wellness


The Unexpected Gift

Dear Friend,


During these last days of 2022, I invite you to give to The Hive. You can support those who have suffered the trauma of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking as they rebuild their lives and become a beacon to others. We seek to raise $50,000 from our supporters, one of whom is offering to match each gift, dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000. Your gift will help prevent violence against some of our community’s most vulnerable: women and girls of color and those experiencing economic instability.


“I’ve learned in life that the gift is not in the good deed nor action, the true gift is the giver.” 
    Ashley Thomas, Executive Director


A little over a year ago, I had an interview with a perspective sitter for my children at my favorite coffee shop. From the moment we met I was impressed. I liked her prompt arrival, gentle spirit, and professionalism. I found myself deeply engaged in our conversation, connecting over our career interests and perspectives of life. We discussed my work, what led me to it, and why The Hive exists. By the end of the interview, I was confident India would be a great fit for my children. However, her availability did not work with the children’s schedule. I was disappointed but hoped our paths would cross again. 


Fast Forward to November 2022. The Hive hosted our first Volunteer Orientation Training. I was excited for Tayler, our Education and Outreach Manager, as she prepared to train her first group of community members. I was traveling for The Hive during the training but was thinking of Tayler and wanted to learn how things went. Before I could call her, my phone pinged with a text message notification.  Tears came to my eyes as I read: the text was from India, the woman I had hoped would care for my children. She had attended The Hive’s Volunteer Orientation, and the text, well, it speaks for itself. 


“Ms. Ashley, I want to thank you, this is India; we met last year! The Volunteer Training that I attended this past Saturday was so impactful and is just what I needed! It’s time I tell my story without fear or being ashamed. So thank you for creating such a foundation where many women and girls can use their voices to speak up and tell our stories! My goal in life is to give hope to children who have experienced trauma, I want to let them know they can survive and overcome the ugly thing that happened to them. I want to change the world one child at a time, and The Hive Community Circle is exactly what I needed to GET MY VOICE BACK!”-India, new Keeper of The Hive Volunteer


I read the text several times, overwhelmed with emotion. I realized the true purpose of our paths crossing had nothing to with my children and everything to do with our stories.  A story we shared as survivors of abuse, navigating our healing journeys from the trauma we once endured. 


India’s testimony affirmed and deepened my hope for a better today and for the tomorrows that will come. Not because we could relate both as survivors of abuse but because of our shared humanity. You see, my friend, we oftentimes find it hard to relate or connect to people, societal issues, or matters that we don’t have a direct connection with. 


India’s story of revelation, healing, triumph, and inspiration exists because she found a space that saw her humanity. She found The Hive. We did not know her life story but welcomed her desire to become a part of our work. She came to us wanting to help decrease the occurrence of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking among Black and Brown and other marginalized survivors in South Carolina while centering their safety and wellness. 


Over the next days, you can join India in choosing to sow into The Hive. She is giving her time: I ask that you make a financial gift. 


It is because of you that young women like India stand in their strength, light, and power! The resources and services of The Hive help them to center their safety and wellness, and they are inspired to impact the lives of others. Together we provide prevention and awareness in the community with the hope that our stories of trauma do not become the lived experience of others.


Our End of Year Campaign goal is $50,000.

Will you be the gift a survivor is waiting to receive through The Hive?


One of our Keepers of The Hive has made the generous choice and has committed to match every gift dollar to dollar up to $25,000.00!!


The Hive needs you and people like you: people who don’t ask, “how does this affect me?” but rather

“how can I prevent this from affecting others?”

What gift will you give?

Create a Peer-To-Peer Fundraiser and spread support for survivors within your community.

Rain Flowers




“I feel like God placed y'all in my life today because

I needed to hear this information.

I needed to know The Hive  existed!”


"Queens Gather changed my life in ways that I wish I had experienced earlier in life. The group was very individualized even though I was in the group. It focused on the exact areas that I needed to experience healing in my life. Nothing else prior to that worked, and to carry this trauma for so many years, I was a prisoner to myself. But now, my chains are broken! I am a testament that the financial support provided to The Hive will empower others as it empowered me."


"Thank you and all of your help and support. I really appreciate it. You have really helped relieve me so much stress and worry this whole month".


"I felt desperate and strongly considered returning to my abuser. The Hive's advocate phone call stopped me; it gave me hope. I was one step toward homelessness.

The Hive supported me with transitional housing and safety planning. Thank you so much for helping me when I thought I had no choice.

Thank you for reminding me to bet on myself!"


“THANK YOU! Thank you so much to The Hive for opening me a new path to my healing journey. I was able to leave an abusive relationship, but I didn't have a stable job at the moment. The Hive's advocate helped me with a gift card to buy groceries, and also a free-of-cost therapy.

I feel like I am at the other side of my trauma.

Confident Woman

“I love Bloom for my daughter, and I am so proud of her for her commitment. She rarely interacts with people, especially when it comes to talking about herself. She has had therapy for a long time, and my expectation was low for her talking, I thought to myself, it's gonna take a minute!!! Well, she talked, and I am so proud of my baby right now! She is advocating for herself, talking more confident, and overall working on her healing journey.”

Would you change a life today?

Create a Peer-To-Peer Fundraiser and spread support for survivors within your community.

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